Circadia is the capital city of the Southern continent of the world (Also called Circadia.). Circadia is the largest city of the world, and home to some of the most powerful wizards and warriors in existence.

Before the War of Heroes, Circadia was almost entirely powered by magic. Skyscrapers stretch to the heavens, the gleaming city streets home to a teeming mass of people, and the largest concentration of Heroes in the world. People come from all over to seek the aid of the best mercenaries the Material Plane has to offer. The presence of the Mana Chasm presents god-like power to the ruler of the city, Nidal.

Circadia was the site of the end of the Dark War. Meyas intended to seize the city and take the Mana Chasm for himself.

The Arcane War

In the years proceeding the death of Meyas, Circadia has fallen into rapid decline. Circadia’s boundaries have ebbed and flowed over the millennia, yet now its holdings have been reduced to only the city itself and the surrounding farmland between it and the mountain range surrounding it. Despite the lack of lands, Circadia is still a formidable force on the political landscape.

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