Circadian Council

The Circadian Council is the current ruling body of Circadia. The once-powerful country is now little more than a city-state, albeit a powerful one. It controls the least amount of land of any of the major factions, but it remains a major land and sea trade power due to its remaining fertile lands and neutral territory. Currently ruled by Nidal Lastanos, the city has fallen far from its earlier years and now consists of a massive urban sprawl with twisting slums and a high crime rate. It still draws mercenaries from all over the world, but the streets no longer shine like they once did.


- Circadia Docks
- Castle Circadia
- The Rot
- Circadia Undercity
- The Nobilis
- Great Clocktower
The Keg and Barrel – Tavern. Common meeting place for mercenaries.

Nidal Lastanos – Current Nidal of Circadia

Hazra – Ship Captain
Kierdre – Young gang leader
Carboldis – Kierdre’s muscle
Rodyn – Captain of the Watch
Rann the Redd – Gang leader
Lene – Ship captain
Sililia – “Import/Export specialist”
Adannus – Cleric in The Rot
Mehlig – Mercenary
Finnod – Mercenary
Iavain – Mercenary
Telan – Ship captain
Angiath the Silver – Mercenary
Mochlorey – Mercenary
Aluemita Pitfriend – Mercenary
Frita Wandering bard

Circadian Council

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