The Gladiators

The Gladiators are the group of adventurers who became Meyas’ generals in the Dark War. There were seven of them, The Archer, The Assassin, The Priest, The Monk The Barbarian, The Wizard, and The Defiler. For unknown reasons, they were prisoners, forced to fight in the coliseum at Stone’s Peak. They were scheduled to fight a young green dragon during a summer festival, but mid-way through the fight they were interrupted by an attack launched by Meyas’ army. Impressed by their fighting skills, Meyas took them on as soldiers. After proving themselves by single-handedly conquering a small but tactically significant forest town, they were promoted to special generals. As generals, they assassinated the baron of Brindonford, weakening it for conquest.

In their travels, they came upon a town where the people seemed to recognize them. The local inn had been holding a package for them for some time. Inside was a large pile of treasure, as well as a gem-encrusted skull with a huge cleft in the top. The Assassin found that he had a wife and child. The wife died under unknown circumstances, leaving the son orphaned as The Gladiators moved on. Upon their return, The Gladiators were ordered by Meyas to hunt down the arch-lich Acerack. Eventually they found a way into the private plane he had created. Before they fought, Acerack showed them visions of their past, before they found themselves in Stone’s Peak. They were Heroes fighting in a battle on the fields of Circadia on the side of Nidal.

After this revelation, 4 of the Gladiators: The Barbarian, The Archer, The Wizard, and The Monk returned to Circadia to repent for their crimes and warn of the upcoming attack by Meyas. The Priest, The Defiler and The Assassin remained with Meyas to coordinate the fight. Unbeknown to those in Circadia, The Wizard was a double agent for Meyas. On his return to Meyas’ camp, he was determined to be a liability and killed by The Assassin.

Following a long and bitter battle, the end of the Dark War was decided.

The Gladiators

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