The S'engouer

“The S’engouer” is the colloquial name for the followers of Augustia. The S’engouer and the Brothers of Mercy are the only two major factions not actively at war with each other. Despite this, philosophical differences have led to skirmishes between them.

The S’engouer are ruled by the Imperator, the one proven to be strongest, smartest, and most capable of leading the S’engouer to victory. Augustia is the goddess of all things lustful and primal, such as sex and war. Her followers are expected to be fierce and unrelenting, to strike fear in the hearts of their enemies. Great S’engouer heroes are expected to fight with little to no armor to show that they do not fear death, that they charge headlong into battle with glee and lust. Despite this ferocity, the S’engouer are master tacticians and are well versed in the art of war. They are rarely bested in battle.

The S’engouer have the third largest amount of land, behind The Arcanists and The Templars. This is an impressive feat considering they have the smallest standing army of the major factions, save the Technocracy. The current Imperator is Arcarlaid the Heartless.

The S’engouer live in The Hegemony.

The Cotillion – High-profile, government-sanctioned assassins.
The Mortel Fleur Brothel through which the Cotillion operate.

Fortress Imperator – Iron seat of the Imperator
The Black March
Castle Duvik

Stone’s Peak
Duvik’s Pass

Arcarlaid the Heartless – the current Imperator

Sheineth the Gilded. Hero of the S’Engouer.
Ser Phillip Knight captain.
InrosEx-Ranger turned S’engouer commander.

The S'engouer

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