Circadian Campaign

The Story Thus Far

So here’s the story so far:

First off, a group of adventurers met in the town of Brindonford. While resting, the town was raided by hobgoblins. Valiantly defending the citizens of Brindonford, the noble adventurers were too late to stop the abduction of several people. At the behest of the townsfolk they agreed to sneak into the goblin’s lair, rescue the townsfolk, and maybe finish off the evil chief Sinruth.

Simultaneously, a second group of adventurers was at the King’s Wall looking for work. After learning of hobgoblin raiders attacking caravans, the group heroically offers to stop the attacks. On the way to the goblin lair the group is ambushed by a group of raiders. After a bloody battle the adventurers are captured and wake up chained to a dungeon wall. After freeing themselves and slaying their captors, the group rescues a captured hostage and runs into the other party, now entering the lair. They too had found a hostage. After ensuring the hostages’ safety, the groups joined together to kill the vile Sinruth. They found a massive door leading to an area with 5 chained prisoners, as well as Sinruth and a demon he was consorting with. After an extended, brutal battle Sinruth is killed along with his demon ally. Unfortunately in the ensuing chaos, 2 of the hostages are left dead.

After the battle, Alasdair and Pat returned to Brindonford. Due to a perfectly honest mistake, the baron of the town permanently exiled them in lieu of execution. Mike and Nichole are hailed as local heroes with their return of the captured townsfolk. Upon their return, the whole party conducts a search of their newly-acquired estate. A vault is found in the lower levels. Upon opening the door, the vault is found to be empty, save for a lone Warforged meditating in the center of the room. She thanks the party for their assistance and informs them that she doesn’t recall how long she has been in there, her history prior to being in that room, or even her own name. The group informs her that her new name is “Lazy Eye Jean”.

After the discovery of the Warforged, the group went to discuss their next move in the courtyard. While arguing, a strange man named Finnoc revealed himself. He informed them that they were very small fish in a very, very large pond, and if they were to survive they were going to need some allies. He said that he saw what happened back in Brindonford, and liked their moxie. He mentioned that the group has been growing in power phenomenally quickly, and he’d like to be there when they hit their crescendo. In return for resources and power, the group will work for him. Their first task is to travel to the Tower of the Vanguard beyond the King’s Wall in the Chaos Scar.


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